Investing in the future of electric fleet mobility

WEX Venture Capital invests in early-stage companies focused on electric mobility, including fleet electrification, EV charging solutions, and energy management.

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WEX is a market leader in fleet mobility

Already a trusted advisor to fleet mobility customers, including more than 19+ million vehicles serviced globally as of Q1 2024, WEX Venture Capital is focused on leading the commercial EV transition, and helping WEX customers move toward a mixed fleet future.

WEX is committed to a smarter renewable future

WEX helps its customers:

  • Decide which vehicles to electrify and when
  • Manage EV and mixed fleets
  • Evolve the fueling and charging ecosystem

Featured investments

“The investment from WEX Venture Capital is a major step towards our goal to be the number one design partner for electrifying fleets. With WEX’s network and fleet software expertise, Chargetrip will be able to access new customers, benefit from WEX leadership’s knowledge, and grow its North American presence.”

— Gideon van Dijk, CEO and Co-Founder

"WEX Venture Capital is a great partner for, giving us access to millions of fleet vehicles across the US and Europe. I'm excited about working with WEX to help fleet managers save thousands and reduce carbon emissions through the vehicle-grid integration of fleet EVs."

— Nick Woolley, CEO and Co-Founder

Why partner with WEX

  • Access to our community of customers and partners
  • WEX’s expertise in fleet mobility and payments
  • Capital investment

Why now is the time to engage in the energy transition

Facing climate change and fluctuating oil prices, WEX has engaged in the transition toward sustainable energy. A March 2023 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report counsels that it is still possible to hold global warming to relatively safe levels, but accomplishing this will require:

Significant capital investment
Public-private partnerships
Meaningful changes to lifestyles and workplaces

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Meet the team

Carlos Carriedo
Chief Operating Officer, International, WEX

Jay Dearborn
Chief Strategy Officer, WEX

David Klein
Head of WEX Venture Capital